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Guangzhou TryWin Racking Co., Ltd. is located in Pan Yu District, Guangzhou City. The company is committed to provide customer with professional automation, semi-automatic transportation, storage system design, logistics system planning consulting, information systems development, automated logistics equipment, logistics and distribution center system integration, logistics system maintenance and maintenance, supply chain management and supporting services.
Our company has three manufacturing bases, the first one located in Pan yu District ,Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province (automated transmission line production base), the second one located in Sanshui District , FoShan City(racks production base), the third one located in Zhongshan City (high-precision metal production base) .We are the High-tech enterprises ,the China's logistics equipment industry outstanding brand, the Guangdong Logistics Industry Association executive director, and also the industry's first batch of ISO9001 quality management system certification of the manufacturer.
Our company has strong technical force and product development capabilities. We have more than 80 professional senior technical staffs, of which 50 senior designers and planning engineers, 17 project implementation engineers, 15 professional after-sales service team, so that we can provide customers with the most professional programs and designs.
Our company and the South China University of Technology and other institutions continue to deepen the production and research cooperation to develop a series of domestic advanced level of the automatic transmission. We have 8 independent research and development patents, 20 utility model patents, and 3 software copyrights.
We have accumulated twenty one years of design, production, installation of three-dimensional library experiences, and also have intelligent management, advanced automated manufacturing equipment for the production and manufacture of high-precision logistics warehousing equipment escort.



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