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Which components in the shelf are subject to greater stress

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Which components in the shelf are subject to greater stress and need special attention?
       Storage racks are a kind of equipment used to store goods in enterprise warehouses today. Because it is used to store goods, there must be some parts in the shelf structure that will bear more pressure, and some parts will bear less pressure. The following editor will take everyone to understand which part of the storage shelf structure bears greater strength.
       The structure of storage racks can be divided into two parts: columns and beams. The uprights are in direct contact with the ground, while the beams are usually used to store goods. To sum up these two points, the column part of the shelf is the part with greater force. Therefore, when racking factories install racks for customers, they usually install some accessories on the columns to make the columns of storage racks more stable and prevent the racks from deforming due to insufficient load-bearing or improper forklift operations.
       In addition to the higher bearing strength of the columns mentioned above, the beams and laminates of the shelves also bear part of the weight of the goods, so the shelf factory should be extra careful when producing the parts of the storage shelf. In order to better improve the quality of the shelves, all shelves produced by the Dingli Shelf Factory are produced using the national standard Q235 steel when selecting raw materials, ensuring the quality of the shelves from the source.
       The utilization rate of shelves in warehouse work is very high, in order to better preserve the integrity of the goods and reduce the occurrence of safety accidents. We need to do a good job in the safety maintenance of storage shelves in our daily work, so that the entire warehouse shelves will become safer and more stable.


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