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The increasing demand for heavy-duty shelves

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The increasing demand for heavy-duty shelves
The use of heavy-duty shelves is very wide, so there are many units purchasing this kind of shelves. In fact, heavy beam racks are an important part of those automated storage equipment. They are mainly used in the following aspects:
1. Product storage of manufacturing enterprises. Especially for large and medium-sized enterprise warehouses, purchasing and installing heavy-duty shelves is very practical for warehousing. Large companies like our Bright Dairy and Adopting a Cow, they use the heavy-duty shelves we designed and produced for them, and they are very popular.
2. Used in specialized warehousing and logistics enterprises. We can say that there are many such examples, such as JD Logistics, Cainiao Warehousing, Guanghui Logistics, etc. These large logistics warehousing enterprises are all or partly customized heavy-duty logistics warehouse shelves.
3. Use in cold chain logistics. That is, the heavy shelves in the cold storage. Used in normal temperature warehouses, the same can also be used in cold storage. However, the selected steel should use the corresponding properties, and it can only be processed after a relatively good process.
The so-called heavy-duty racks are mainly general beam type, narrow lane type, double-deep type rack and so on. Some shelves are average in height, and some shelves are more than ten meters above the standard. As a manufacturer, we will draw an accurate plan according to its specific parameters, and then carry out the following customization work.
Custom-made advantages of heavy-duty rack manufacturers: Based on directional manufacturing under precise design, it will accurately solve the actual needs of customers. The heavy-duty racks designed and manufactured by the manufacturer have a large load-bearing capacity, and the basic load-bearing capacity can reach about 800KG per cargo space, and the large ones can reach more than several tons. Heavy-duty racks are simple but not simple equipment, suitable for most storage occasions, simple installation and flexible use. A warehousing essential for factories, logistics, and cold chain industries.


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