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To customize heavy-duty racks, determine the number of palle

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To customize heavy-duty racks, determine the number of pallets on the rack beam
  Heavy-duty shelves have their own advantages, but they also have their own shortcomings. For example, their space utilization is not as good as dense storage shelves, so the adverse effects should be minimized. Before the soldiers and horses are moved, the grain and grass go first. To make the most suitable heavy-duty shelves for your own use, you must fully consider every possible situation and design every detail before you can make the most suitable shelf.
  Heavy-duty racks mainly study the relationship between racks and pallets, and handle the spatial relationship between them. According to the height, width and depth of the warehouse, determine the general situation of the heavy shelves, such as the placement position and the interval of each group. Specifically, the size of the rack beam can be determined according to the size of the pallet and the specific volume; and the weight of each layer of heavy-duty racks needs to be obtained by adding the weight of the pallet itself to the maximum actual weight of the goods; and each layer The height of the shelf is appropriate to leave a suitable space according to the height of the pallet and the height of the pallet to ensure that the forklift can smoothly insert and remove the goods without colliding with the shelf.
  For heavy-duty racks, the number of pallets on the beam should be reasonably determined. The cargo space is the position where the goods are placed on the shelf. On the shelf, the existence of each pallet is the existence of a cargo space. Since the pallets and goods are placed on the beam by a forklift, the load-bearing capacity of the beam must be controlled within a reasonable range to ensure that the cargo space can be safely stored. Which strength beam is more appropriate according to the maximum weight of the goods and how many pallets are placed side by side. Generally speaking, it is more appropriate to place 2 to 3 pallets on each beam of a heavy-duty rack. There is a space of about 10cm between the pallet and the pallet and between the pallet and the shelf column.
  The installation layout of heavy-duty racks is the main thing. In general, the convenience of manual and mechanical operations should be fully considered for important racks before installation, especially to leave enough space for each component of forklifts and other equipment to prevent damage to the racks due to improper operating radius. In addition, in warehouses, there are usually public facilities such as fire passages and building columns. When laying heavy shelves, reasonable arrangements should be made for the positional relationship between these objects and shelves to avoid embarrassment during use.


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