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Super storage capacity, loft platform solves the warehouse s

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Super storage capacity, loft platform solves the warehouse space problem for you
​​ In recent years, housing prices and land prices have soared, making land use in various cities more and more tense, and making some corporate warehouses into a difficult-to-manage situation. So how to solve the problem that the warehouse cannot meet the storage needs?
​​ With the development of the logistics industry, the warehousing and logistics industry is also constantly maturing, making more companies familiar with warehousing equipment. This type of equipment is also needed to solve the storage problem in the warehouse. Among them, storage loft shelves are also one of the most popular storage equipment in storage. It has the function of increasing the storage in the warehouse. It can be fully activated in the original space or in the unused space, so that the utilization rate of the space can be increased to more than 90%, which is not only convenient Storage, but also efficient management of the entire warehouse.
​​ Guangzhou loft rack manufacturers can design different loft racks for their warehouses according to user needs
​​ as follows:
​​ Warehousing loft platform: suitable for factories, logistics centers, etc., its biggest feature is that it can make the existing warehouse one more storage space, which belongs to the attic shelf with a relatively low cost.
​​ Multi-layer loft shelves: suitable for large-scale enterprise warehouses. Its biggest feature is that it can add one or more layers of platforms to the warehouse, and the bottom shelf needs to support the floor of the upper platform. The space is The utilization rate is quite high.


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