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Shelf manufacturers teach you how to choose shelves

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Shelf manufacturers teach you how to choose shelves
        Faced with today's mixed shelf industry, companies will encounter many difficulties when choosing warehouse shelves. Shelf businesses not only have formal shelf companies, but also many distributors and agents. Therefore, the quality of warehouse shelves can be both high-quality and inferior. If a company buys inferior warehouse shelves, there is undoubtedly a huge safety hazard. Considering the safety of warehouse shelves, companies must be careful and careful when purchasing warehouse shelves. Faced with such a dazzling array of warehouse shelves, how should companies carry out their work during the purchase process?
        1. Pay attention to the identification of raw materials on warehouse shelves
Warehouse shelves are generally composed of cold-rolled steel, and the sound is clear and loud. The compression ratio of thick steel is small, so the thick steel not only has less strength, but also has poor plasticity, impact toughness and welding performance.
        2. Judging from the appearance surface, whether the surface of the shelf product is smooth or not
The surface spraying treatment of warehouse shelves should be uniform and strong adhesion. Whether the spraying is even depends on whether there are any omissions on the inner edge of the shelf hole. When checking, you can tap it with a hard object. If it is easy to fall off, it indicates the shelf. It rusts easily.
       Third, the identification of shelf production process
The production process of warehouse shelves is mainly embodied in surface treatment, including rust removal and powder spraying, as well as welding technology. Check whether the contact between the beam and the stand of the warehouse shelf is close and consistent. Only a structure with tight sides and no gaps can be a stable and durable warehouse shelf.
The above points are the tasks that can be completely done in the process of purchasing by enterprises, and the purchase of warehouse shelves needs to be paid attention to. Of course, choosing the right shelf manufacturer is also the key, especially choosing a more professional, so that it can be more worry-free for the enterprise, and the later service guarantee is more in place.


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