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Space is not enough, expand the area or customize the shelve

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If you expand the area, then you will find that the cost will get higher and higher, which will reduce the company's income. The current situation of many companies has the above problems. Later, after coordination and operation, through the introduction of Caiying storage shelves and strengthened management, the storage has been fundamentally improved, which has saved costs for the company and improved space efficiency and work efficiency.
When considering replacing or increasing the plant, there are 5 points to consider:
Space assessment: Ensure that all three-dimensional spaces of the warehouse are fully assessed and measured, not just the plane area. In this case, the way to improve warehouse space efficiency is to develop upward. By making good use of the three-dimensional space, you can triple the existing space.
Warehouse management personnel: personnel should be scientifically managed and people-oriented. Different people have different work abilities, work preferences, and ways of doing things. Put different people in the most suitable position so that they can play the greatest role in the position that suits them. Let them do the work that suits them the best.
Warehouse planning: For warehouses that directly affect the circulation of goods, scientific planning, scheduling, and precautions are particularly important. According to the circulation situation of different enterprises, the value attributes of different goods, and the management system of different warehouses need to be scientifically planned.
Shelf scheme: In the warehouses of many companies, the placement of the goods is random and messy on the pallets on the ground. They are stacked in this way, the safety is low, and the second handling also greatly reduces the company’s revenue. These goods are very suitable for storage using Caiying storage shelves. First, you can use a lot of upper three-dimensional space, and second, you can store more kinds of goods for easy inventory. It really contributes to the reduction of management costs for enterprises. We insist on using perfect and reasonable planning, design, and high-standard product quality to create the most suitable shelves for their products.
Caiying storage shelves not only save a lot of warehouse space for enterprises, but also provide many other conveniences: reduce secondary handling; improve work efficiency; increase product storage space; more convenient delivery of products to operators, and improve Improve efficiency; make inventory and purchase easier; greatly use wasted space to create more profits; reduce operating costs.
Enterprise transformation: First consider the changes in the logistics structure, the processes that have been implemented or planned to change, the replacement of IT systems, and the selection of locations. When you develop more space from existing equipment and facilities, you will feel that it is meaningless to buy or lease a space. Only by planning well and making good use of your own warehouse space to build shelves will it be more convenient for business changes, Transformation and relocation issues.


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