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You can't go wrong with choosing a shelf like this!

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When choosing a shelf, you must first identify the quality of the shelf. Shelves are one of the important facilities for warehousing. It can be said that shelves are an indispensable part of contemporary industrial warehouses, logistics centers, and distribution centers. Fortunately, the shelves on the market now include storage shelves and supermarket shelves. Since the efficiency of the shelf is so high, how to distinguish the quality of the shelf has become a topic of concern to the inventory staff, buyers, and warehouse managers.

Our summary is as follows:
1. Look at the welding process. This is easier to distinguish, and you will know if it is good or bad if you visit carefully. The raw materials of the shelves are mainly cold-rolled steel profiles, which are of the national standard. The good shelves are all applied with the national standard Q235 cold-rolled steel welding process. The welding process will depend on the uniformity and fullness of the welds and no indirect and no missing welding.
2. Look at the column of the shelf. The column of the shelf depends on whether the bending of the cut surface is more and even. The more balanced the shelf, the better the structure. The beam of the shelf depends on the form of the hook of the beam and the column of the beam. The more the beam is connected, the more affected. The better the force, the beam of the shelf depends on the inner side of the cross beam and the side of the column. The structure is stable and durable.
3. Look at the hooks on the shelf. Especially for heavy-duty beam storage racks, it depends on the number of hooks, whether they are firm or not, and whether the hooks are tightly attached to the inside of the column. The column depends on the uniformity of the cross-section, the more uniform the better. The surface treatment of the shelf should be uniform and strong adhesion. Whether the spraying of the surface of the shelf is even depends on the shelf. Whether the inner edge of the column hole is leaked or not, it can be tapped with a hard object during inspection. If it is easy to fall off, it indicates the shelf. It is easy to rust.


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