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It is not a dream to increase warehouse utilization by three

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The characteristics and disadvantages of flat warehouses are that the space utilization rate is not high, which will greatly increase storage costs; compared with three-dimensional warehouses, the biggest advantages are the high efficiency of storing and storing goods and the low cost of related equipment; in modern storage enterprises, flat warehouses The proportion is declining year by year. If the warehouse has a small variety of goods and a large warehouse area, but it is not suitable for loading and unloading operations, and there are no mechanical tools, in this case, flat warehouses are generally not chosen to store goods.

In view of the actual use of the warehouse, if you want to increase the utilization rate of the flat warehouse, you can understand it from the perspective of on-site management. The stacking of goods must first be based on packaging, shape, nature, characteristics, weight, quantity, and weather conditions, as well as storage time, and then stack the goods regularly. . Position planning and design is an indispensable step, and it is also an important means to use space as much as possible. Warehouse planning mainly includes layout, cargo location setting and stacking method planning.

Each storage location has its own fixed size, and it is best to use standard packaging containers. Standard packaging makes it easier to label, maintain, inspect and transport goods. Each package is marked with the stored items, and it is more convenient to cooperate with bar code technology, and the system can be easily automated during storage and inventory management, which brings great convenience to work. The placement should follow the first-in first-out principle. The goods are placed in two rows, and both sides can be loaded and unloaded, so that the first in first out can be achieved easily. If you make three rows, then one of the rows is to put the first-incoming goods inside, so make a conveyor belt, put the goods on the top, press the button, the goods will come out, and the goods should be placed in a reasonable plan. Channel to improve the efficiency of goods circulation. Improve warehouse utilization. Take advantage of the height of the warehouse. Reasonably place heavy goods on the first floor, lighter goods on the second floor, and heavy or relatively large goods on the first floor, so that it is easier to carry.

If you want to manage the plane warehouse well, you can improve it from many aspects, such as reducing dead angles, planning space, stipulating placement rules, high utilization, and activity principles.


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