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Affect the safe use of storage shelves of the three elements

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     Unlike civilian shelves, storage shelves, storage shelves, whether used in the manufacturing enterprises or logistics center warehouse, usually carrying a large number of goods, to achieve a three-dimensional, high-level storage methods for the production and logistics to provide basic services How to ensure the safe use of storage shelves, production and circulation links is a major event, the following three factors we say will affect the storage shelves can be safely used.

    First, from the previous design impact.
Design is the premise of production, but also one of the prerequisites for installation and use. Design rigorous and reasonable, able to coordinate all aspects of the use of factors related to the safe use of storage shelves. General reference to these aspects of the design of this area:

    (1) fully assess the shelf itself in terms of strength, stiffness and stability requirements. Reference to the relevant standards for design;
    (2) fully consider the height and width of the shelf and warehouse building connection and stability;
    (3) fully consider the physical and chemical characteristics of the stored goods on the shelves.

     Second, from the manufacturing safety aspects of the shelf

The quality of the shelf at the manufacturing stage is related to the experience of the user and to the brand influence of the product, which is one of the important factors concerning shelf safety. It is embodied in:

    (1) If the material specifications do not match the design, it will weaken the structural capability and cause potential safety hazard.
    (2) shelf painting process such as inadequate treatment, ranging from patent leather off, while the impact of the internal structure;
    (3) The accuracy and details of the manufacturing shelves are not well-disposed, resulting in that the shelves of each group are not closely linked with other links, and the safety problems are prone to occur.

    Third, the installation and use of security issues.
The general structure of storage shelves is relatively large, each part has more convergence problems, the need for professional installer operation. If done is not good enough, prone situation. Such as the installation of the vertical column when the column is not enough, the angle is not enough, not handled properly will adversely affect the overall shelf. Also, the shelves need to install safety accessories such as non-standard or wrong location, will weaken the role of protection, adverse to safety. Storage staff in the use of shelves improper operation may also cause shelf safety, such as overweight delivery, strong collision shelves, etc. are likely to cause the shelf displacement or deformation and thus affect the safe use of shelves.

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