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Automated storage equipment features

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     With the development of electricity supplier and logistics, the shelf industry also ushered in the rapid development. In the ushered in the development at the same time, the shelf industry is also increasingly fierce competition, leading to meet the needs of customers in major industries, showing a variety of shelf functions. From a small load of 50kg light shelves to more than 20 meters of automated warehouse, which requires the shelf in the direction of convenient and efficient development. The combination of Jin Shuo storage racks came into being, the application of a wide range of applications, easy installation and disassembly, flexible use, beautiful appearance and other characteristics of the modular shelves to replace the traditional welded shelves become the mainstream.


      Modular shelf mainly by the column pieces, beams and other basic pieces and foot care, foot, spacer, partition, laminates (steel or wood) and other options components. Its structure is generally composed of columns and beams, cantilever or shelf assembly composed of frame, through the vertical column and the side of the hanging hole, with beams at both ends of the hook connected.


      This allows the modular shelves through the column hanging holes, free to adjust the shelf height of each floor, increase the inventory of randomness and flexibility. Moreover, since JinShuo's modular shelf is composed of "stitching", the shelf is easy to install and disassemble, the shelf is easy to transfer and the transportation is convenient (the modular shelf is assembled before installation, and can be assembled into a place). Unlike the welded shelves once the factory, the shelves can not be fixed shape, and pieces of transport difficulties.


      And Trywin rack modular shelf column due to the use of scientific mechanics structure, strong stability, handsome in appearance, carrying capacity, affordable. Kim seok has always been the use of high-quality steel, making the shelf carrying capacity to strengthen, load up to ten tons. Welded shelves due to its technical reasons, the appearance of rough, carrying capacity of not more than 250kg.


      Finally, as a result of the integration of storage rack, more and more attention has been paid on the series of storage rack systems, such as light shelves, medium-sized shelves, heavy shelves and attic shelves in the new shelves, The demand for more and more frozen shelves, anti-static shelves and other special-purpose shelves is more modular structure-based, so that the traditional welding mode can not meet the practical application requirements. Therefore, multi-type Trywin Racking modular shelves have also been respected by the majority of industries, as the mainstream of the shelves industry.


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