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Storage shelf safety issues

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Shelf security is a key issue commonly shared by shelf users and the industry. There have been reports of product safety issues on the network. Shelf security issues involve various types of shelves, especially large-scale storage shelves. The quality and safety of shelves involves users Life is safe.
For safety, product quality is the prerequisite for the safety of warehouse shelves. In recent years, the competitive pressure on enterprises is constantly increasing. Some manufacturers, in order to achieve the goal of competition, continuously increase the output of their products in order to increase their market share. On the other hand, The use of non-standard materials to reduce product costs, by constantly lowering the price to achieve the purpose of attracting customers; quality decline will inevitably lead to product safety hazards continue to rise, directly affect the safety of its users.
As a manufacturing enterprise, if the blind blind pursuit of self-interest, shelf quality, but not pass, it affects not only the company's reputation, but also directly related to the safety of storage shelf users. Businesses in the purchase of such products do not blindly pursue the low prices, product quality is the key to our purchase should be the primary concern.
Shelf security is with China's growing shelf is more and more mentioned a word, for this safety issue, the industry also introduced some corresponding standards, norms, to urge manufacturers; product quality and shelf safety impact The interests of both enterprises and users, safe production, safe use are more and more mentioned by the industry.
Trywin shelving that, for shelf safety issues, in addition to manufacturers to continuously improve the awareness of self-safety, but also inseparable from the industry regulation and supervision.
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