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Steel platform shelf application features

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Steel structure platform also known as the work platform. Modern steel platform structure in various forms, functions are also readily available. The biggest feature of its structure is a fully assembled structure with flexible design. According to different site conditions, it can design and manufacture the steel structure platform that meets the site requirements, uses the functional requirements and meets the logistics requirements. It is widely used in modern storage.
Steel structure is the column and beam combination structure, strong integrity. Steel platform carrying capacity, and the force uniform, fast construction, low cost, according to the actual site design multi-layer. Pallets can be used directly under the heap pallets, can also do shelves, the use of manual pallet access to goods. Pallet trucks can be directly on the platform, at the same time can be installed lifting platform to speed up the flow of goods on the upper platform. As a better solution to the utilization efficiency of small space, widely used in higher inventory, but smaller and at the same time space highly utilized warehouse. In this regard, Trywin Racking Foshan Jiujiang shelves based on the application characteristics of steel platform finishing as follows:
Pallet steel platform
Pallet steel platform to store unitized pallet cargo, together with roadway stacker and other storage and transportation machinery. Currently only with the freedom of the combination, easy to disassemble and move, according to the height of the item push code, arbitrarily adjust the beam position, also known as adjustable tray steel platform.
Mobile box steel platform
The flow box platform is equipped with multiple rows of plastic rollers in the runner of the steel platform. The runner has an inclination angle of about 5 ° for storing the boxed goods. The box automatically slides towards the front under the action of gravity. The general high-end into the terminal, low-end for the shipping side. The cargo slides downward by gravity through the rollers.
Cantilever steel platform
Cantilever steel platform is an important one in the warehouse steel platform. Cantilever steel platform for storing long material, ring material, sheet, pipe and irregular goods. Cantilever can be single or double, cantilevered steel platform with structural stability, good load capacity, space utilization and higher characteristics. Cantilever steel column or column with more use of H-beam or cold-rolled steel, cantilever using square tube, cold-rolled steel or H-beam, cantilever and column between the use of plug-in or bolt connection, base and column bolted connection, Cold-rolled steel or H-beam made.
Loft-style steel platform
Loft-style steel platform is in the existing steel platform or workplace to build an intermediate loft to increase the storage area. This steel platform can reduce the span of load-bearing beams, reduce construction costs and improve warehouse space utilization. Loft floor can generally be light soaking and small and medium-sized goods or long-term storage of goods, forklift, conveyor belt, hoist, electric hoist or lifting platform to enhance the goods.
Gravity steel platform
Gravity steel platform for each cargo is a sloping inventory slide. The storage unit loaded into the chute by the loading crane can automatically move from the loading end to the delivery end by its own weight until the exit end of the chute or the existing cargo unit is stopped. After the first cargo unit located at the exit end of the slideway is taken out by the exit crane, each cargo unit behind it is moved to the delivery end one by one by gravity.
Through steel platform
Through-type steel platform in the same space than the average pallet steel platform almost double the storage capacity, because the cancellation of the roadway between the various steel platforms, the steel platform together, so that the same layer, the same column of goods Through each other.


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