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How to prevent the car 4S shop shelves cargo parts

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Auto 4S shop parts warehouse is the most intensive storage of auto parts, parts warehouse value is relatively high, usually in addition to pay attention to fire prevention, anti-theft, but also should pay attention to rainy days auto parts moisture, Guangzhou and Foshan TrywinRavking share how to prevent the car 4S shop Goods on the shelter damp rusty, in response to rainy days goods moldy rust caused
 property damage.
First, open the window when the weather is fine. Ventilation in the warehouse reduces the density of water molecules in the air and keeps the warehouse dry. It is noteworthy that when the window should also pay attention to dust, in order to avoid prolonged opening of the shelves caused by parts of the fouling.

Second, easy to rust or damp parts should be oil, or sealed.
Third, the temperature difference between the warehouse floor should be sprayed floor paint.
Fourth, when cleaning the warehouse, it is not recommended to use wet mops, rags and other tools. It is recommended to use
 sawdust and dry rags.
Fifth, for areas with high air humidity should also be equipped with quicklime desiccant.
last but not least : pallet rack, warehouse shelving , mezzanine floor racking system, drive in rack


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