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Drive-in Rack

Drive-in Rack

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Quick Details

Place of Origin: Guangdong, China    Brand Name: trywin
Model Number: TD-005 Type: Drive-Through Pallet Rack
Material: Steel Feature: Corrosion Protection
Use: Industrial Certification: GS
Color: Blue Style: Freely Adjustable
Size: Customer Size Surface treatment: Powder Coating
Packing: Bubble Film Height: 5000mm
Width: 1000mm Capacity: 3000kg

Supply Ability:
40000 Ton/Tons per Month

Product Description
Easy Installation Drive in Rack Storage Warehouse use beverages factory
Drive in rack is a space saving application the forklift can drive in the depth of the storage aisles. 
Drive-in racking means one end closed and handly only can be done from another side, while the drive-in racking can be operated in both ends. The goods will be stored and retrieved from the same end, the storage principle is first in last out.

Tindle drive in rack
This type is suitable for very large quantities of the same product. For cost-effective, high-density storage, drive-in/ drive-through racking is often the best choice for (One SKU) food, beverages, cigarettes and tobacco, cold storage warehouse.
Warehouse rack for your operational productivity and can be immediately storage to make product picking as easy as possible.

Tindle drive in rack
-Upright connect with Beam
-Pitch: can be adjusted up and down
-Forklift can drive into the lane to put the pallets.
-FILO storage model.
-Increase the space utilization.

Drive in racking space utilization is very high, alomst twice as much as pallet racking,but thegoods must be a small variety of high-volume type. Firstly need to unitization to determine the pallet size, weight and storage height. Thus determining the unit shelf span, depth and layer spacing, according to the effective height of the warehouse to determine the hight of the shelf. The total depth of the racking area against the wall is best controlled within the depth of six pallets, the middle area on both sides of the total depth of the shelf area out of the best control in the 12 pallet depth to improve forklift access efficiency and reliability.

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QQ: 895860893

Phone: +86 189-2514-3368

Tel: +86 20 31561934

Email: sales@aotugz.com

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