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Pallet Rack

Pallet Rack

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Quick Details

Place of Origin: Guangdong, China    Brand Name: trywin
Model Number: TD-001
Type: Multi-Level
Material: Steel
Feature: Corrosion Protection
Product name: Metal Storage Shelf Usage: Warehouse Storage System
Color: Blue
Style: Freely Adjustable
Size: Customer Size
Surface treatment: Powder Coating
Packing: Bubble Film MOQ: 1 Set
Pitch holes: 75mm Capacity: 1000kg

Product Description


Item: Selective Metal Shelving Racking
Beam Pallet Rack With Storage Warehouse
Section: Single row, back-to-back row; multiple row
Size: Custom size
Capacity: 1000kg
MOQ: Different products can be mixed

Commonly knows as selective pallet racking or heavy duty pallet racking, is the most economical, most widely used forms 
of racks. Due to heavy storage items to be used with pallets and forklifts. Suitable for a wide variety of cargo storage, with 
good cargo selectivity, carrying capacity, good security. The heavy duty pallet racking are assembled by 
uprights, beams, horizontal and diagonal bracing, while can effective prevent the instability of the shelves caused by the 
loosening of the bolts. The beams are made Q235(SS400)steel; The struture is simple and reliable, bearing capacity,low 
cost characteristics; Beam and upright connected with a special design of safety pin, to ensure that the beams 
under external impact will not fall off; The decking is made of cold-rolled steel plate, which has the characteristics of strong bearing capacity, wear resistance, simple replacement and low maintenance cost.

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Tel: +86 20 31561934

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