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Mezzanine Floor

Mezzanine Floor

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Quick Details

Place of Origin: Guangdong, China    Brand Name: trywin
Model Number: CY-003 Type: Vertical Type
Material: Steel Feature: Corrosion Protection
Product name: steel structure mezzanine floor Usage: Logistics
Color: Cutomized Style: Freely Adjustable
Size: Customer Size Surface treatment: Powder Coating
Packing: Bubble Film MOQ: 1 Set
Pitch holes: 70mm Capacity: 300 500kg/㎡

Product Description

Steel Structure Warehouse Mezzanine Floor Racking With Storage Shelf Platform
Mezzanine floor rack (Steel platform) known as work platform. Modern steel platform structure diverse functions are readily available, its biggest feature is the structure fully assembled structure, flexible design,can be designed and manufactured in compliance with the requirements of the site depending on the site conditions, the use of functional requirements and to meet the logistical requirements of steel structure internet. More widely used in modern storage.

Tindle mezzanine floor rack
Upright surface adopt unique diamond hole design, installation screws and welding, screws and welding, assemble combination, hanging on the cross beam directly into the diamond hole.
Warehouse rack for your operational productivity and can be immediately storage to make product picking as easy as possible.

trywin mezzanine floor rack
-Upright connect with Beam
-Pitch: can be adjusted up and down
Item: steel structure mezzanine floor
Section: Single row, back-to-back row; multiple row
Size: Custom size
Capacity: 200-1000kg/㎡
MOQ: Different products can be mixed


Mezzanine floor with rack is built on the existing workplace or middle of a loft, to increase the storage space, build two or three floors, Suitable for storage light weight of goods, or multi-species with small/big quantity of goods. Goods usually sent by forklifts, hydraulic lifts or freight elevator to the second or third floor, and then sent to a position by a car or light hydraulic pallet trucks. In recent years, more application of steel decking, as it has a strong bearing capacity, good integrity, bearing good uniformity and high precision, smooth surface, easy to lock and many other advantages. There are many types available, easily to match the lighting, access, and conveniently to do the management.Shelf unit load on each floor is usually less than 500kg, the floor space is usually 2.2m ~ 2.7m, top shelf height is usually about 2m, give full consideration to the staff operating convenience.

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QQ: 895860893

Phone: +86 189-2514-3368

Tel: +86 20 31561934

Email: sales@aotugz.com

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